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Sometimes I see myself like a painter’s fabric. A dashbord formed of a wooden square covered with a piece of fabric.

I just sit there quietly and patient in order to be filled with different colours. I remember the bright, happy colour of my childhood . Bright, loving, sincere and kind, but still mature in the way they have alligned to my life’s destiny.

I really believe everyone is a painter. You can paint one’s heart by giving him your feelings. Your love, your hapiness, your hope and your kindness will give birth to the most wonderfull art. Your feelings transform in colours, colours transform in lessons for others and in the end you write and draw not only yourself, your own piece of fabric, but everyone’ else.

You are a the painter of your own life and you give new directions and visions for others. Paint using your heart and you will see the light in others and the vivid colours of the soul.

I had so manny colours in this life…every soul I have met gave me a new one, a new lesson. I discovered the joy of meeting bright persons that spoiled me with their radiance and open hearts. So i collected then as much colours as i could. I was hungry to feel that joy and love so I have offered my piece of fabric to them and let them be the painters.

What can I say? What’ s the point in having a heart if you don’t use it? I preffer an used, chopped in pieces heart than one that never felt anything…

But the sunset always comes and with it the shadows. A hole new world arised from the dark, waiting to be discovered. Did you know that the light is the abscence of the dark? The same thing, but reversed. By the time I realized this my piece of fabric had lost most of  it’ s bright colours and began to feel the awfull tones of grey and black: loneliness, sorrow, and finally the lack of hope. I made this 3 feelings my companions for a while. I can’t say they are the most agreable friends in the world for someo but they are good teachers ( in an old, boring style if you would ask my opinion).

Nothing lasts for ever, except the good things ( I really hope chocolate is among the universal good things) so I had to say goodbye to my 3 grey friends and say hello to a shiny litlle feeling named hope. Wow! We really had some time together! Made me smile and laugh out of nothing…You sure need a friend like that for life, trust me! So when all the grey and black was gone it remained only some white marks and some bright colours. The heart only knows 2 feelings: the perfection of love symbolized by white and the brightness of hope that shines even in the blackest despair.

Choose your colours wisely and remember that in the end you will still return to the original, untouched piece of fabric, to love and joy.






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